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Beautiful beach|Excellent fishing waters|Clean lake

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About us

We offer four wooden holiday cottages built in 1987 in Mustaniemi on the shores of a beautiful lake Simpele near Parikkala town, close to the villages of Intsilä and Kesusmaa. Local fishing license is included in the rent.

The Area

The cottages are located only 4 kilometres from the Russian border, 70 km from Imatra, 18 km from Parikkala and 73 km from Savonlinna. The Lake Simpele is famous for its clear waters and fish abundance. Not far from the cabin you will find whitefish-rich places for both net and line fishing. The lake is also known for its canoeing route and bird watching sanctuaries.

Vacation homes

Cottages 2, 3 and 4 were renovated in 2003, and a new winter cottage was completed at the same time. Each cabin has got its own patio and access to the lake shore, and stands 50 meters away from a neighbouring cottage. The surroundings are peaceful and serene. Mushroom and berry picking is also possible. A perfect sand beach is only 10 meters away from the cabins. The nearest neighbour is 50- 70 meters away. Trees protect your privacy as well as a fence between the cabins 2 and 3. There is an easy car access to the cottages.